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What's Up Wednesday 3/22/23 Your Voice Has Power

Episode Notes

Ann sits down with Ashley Grogg MSN-BN, founder of Hoosiers For Medical Liberty to get an Indiana legislative update on SB-4, and why your voice has power and is needed to make long-term change.

Links discussed:

These short videos of the Public Health Commission's  meeting are a "Must Watch":  HERE

Previous podcasts on SB-4:

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty HERE

Get Legislative updates, text the word UPDATES  to 260-286-0988

Here is the text message Ashley sent out on Monday 3/20/23. Please make the calls!

The Health Committee must hear from you.

Call them and tell them:

"Kill SB 4. It is just too controversial.  If nothing else, send it to summer study."

Bradford Barrett  317-234-2993

Cindy Ledbetter 317-234-9139

Matt Hostettler 317-234-9452

Joanna King 317-232-9657

Donna Schaibley & Ann Vermilion 317-232-9833

Robert Behning 317-232-9753

Martin Carbaugh 317-232-9620

Dennis Zent 317-232-9850

A few amendments will not fix this bill. 

See the LAUNDRY list of issues by visiting We also have an email template you can edit and send to the committee.   

Here is a link see the tragedy that can happen with too much governmental control and why we are fighting hard against it.

If you have any questions, or have an idea for a podcast episode, let us know!