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What's Up Wednesday 2/8/23 The IN Legislative Week in Review

Episode Notes

Ann and Ashley Grogg, MSN-RN, and founder of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty  review what has happened this past week in the Indiana legislative session, regarding SB -47, SB-4 and HB-1127

Ashley says "Thank you!" to all Hoosiers who are making phone calls - because you are making a difference!  

Please stay engaged and encouraged!

Keep up the good work!

Call to Action:

Call Heath VanNatter and request that HB 1127 gets heard so that we can end Covid discrimination!


Twitter link to view the mess of the CDC and VAERS reporting. There is no way the government is giving us accurate information:

Be sure you check out the Hoosiers For Medical Liberty website:

Do you have a few hours you could give a helping hand to medical freedom? PLEASE consider becoming a volunteer! ANY time you might be able to give is appreciated - no amount of time is too small!


Be sure to get the legislative updates to keep you informed on any action needed. Text the word UPDATES  to 260-286-0988

For information on the VAERS project:

Here is a link see the tragedy that can happen with too much governmental control and why we are fighting hard against it.

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