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What's Up Wednesday 2/1/23 The Horror and Tragedy Before Us

Episode Notes

Horror may seem like a strong word; however, after you listen to this episode, I do not know what other word best describes what is taking place.

In today's episode Ann covers the unconscionable response of the CDC, FDA and NIH's  to the Covid vaccine-injured.

At this point in time, these agencies simply cannot be trusted.

That our government has done this to its people, is truly horrific.

As Bri Dressen states, "We the people, are going to win by stepping up and not accepting this, We must demand better."

Links discussed:

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Bri's Interview

Kerri"s testimony 

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Angie's TestimonySharyl Attkisson article on Angelia Desselle

Forti-fy post containing Tom Shimabukuro’s email response to vaccine injured:

Here is a link see the utter tragedy that can happen with too much governmental control and why we are fighting hard against it.

Folks, please share this podcast with any lawmaker, journalist, and/or medical professional you know. We all must do our part to bring awareness to everyone around us as to what is happening with the vaccine injured, and the deception going on in our government health agencies.

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