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What's Up Wednesday 11/2: Parents, Are You Fully Informed?

Episode Notes

In this episode Ann sits down with fellow medical health freedom co-laborer, Stephanie Ripple.   They discuss the recent addition of Covid Vaccines to the childhood immunization schedule, informed consent and Indiana vaccine injuries.

Once again, the goal is not to give you medical advice, but just to provide you with information you may not be aware of so that you are able to make a fully informed choice.

Resources From Stephanie:

Click HERE for a sampling of Indiana Injury reports Stephanie has compiled.

Click HERE to access all of  Stephanie's information that was discussed, and sample letters. There is a great deal of information in this document! (Tried to share as a google doc however some people could not access,so we put it all in a blogpost.)

Links for all other items discussed:

Link to full video of vaccine injuries: HERE

Link to podcast episode on vaccine injuries and REACT19 HERE

Link to React19 Video HERE

Link to Paul Offit's remarks HERE

Link to podcast episode with Ashley Grogg on THE VAERS project:HERE

Link to The VAERS project: HERE

Link to Hoosiers for Medical Liberty: HERE

Call, email, or write to your legislator. You can find their information HERE

In response to the question we asked in this episode, "Is there a law requiring informed consent for the covid vaccine?" this is what was listed on the CDC website: "Medical consent is not required by federal law for the Covid -19 vaccination in the United States." A person is to receive  a fact sheet, but it is not a consent document.

Read full CDC response HERE

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Stephanie Ripple Bio:  Stephanie is Jesus-follower, wife, homeschool mom, massage therapist. She became interested in health and wellness 25 years ago when she struggled through undiagnosable health issues.  She loves sharing what she has learned in all the above areas! You can reach her at:

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