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What's Up Wednesday 1/18/23 Updated Covid Vaccine Injury Report

Episode Notes

Stephanie Ripple reviews the current Indiana VAERS data. 

Ann discusses the recently CDC data that was released - via a Freedom of Information Act, which showed over 700+ different safety signals. Click this link to hear this excellent presentation of the data:

Ann also discussed a new initiative from React19 for the bereaved- those who have lost a love one due to vaccine injury.

Listen to hear Henrietta Simoes's story of losing her son, Victor:

Here is the link for the bereaved: To Our Fellow Bereaved: Remember Them

Here is a link see the tragedy that can happen with too much governmental control and why we are fighting hard against it.

If you live in Indiana, and are concerned about medical liberty, be sure you check out the Hoosiers for Medical Liberty website:

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